APEX Racer – Slot Car Racing APK 1.2.7

  • APEX Racer – Slot Car Racing APK 1.2.7

    APEX Racer – Slot Car Racing

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    Twitchy Finger Ltd.
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    November 12, 2022

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A Smoking Analysis of APEX Racer

Do you love car racing games? Does high-speed racing give you immense pleasure? If yes, then you must download APEX Racer for Android.

This superb game is designed to give you non-stop car racing action right on your smartphone. Apart from racing, there are several features to spice up the game even more.

All the graphics here in this game are designed in a regular 3D drawing graphics. Rather not say it to be real 3D like popular games such as NFS, etc.


It must only be run on high-end phones. Do not even attempt to make it through a medium of low configuration device.

Build, Customize, and Race!

The developers were inspired by the plastic car models, which were popular in Asia in the 90s. Based on the same theory and concept, APEX Racer came up.

The game is all about high-speed racing. If you are aware of Hot Wheels, then you’ll get to know the exact touch and feel here.


Just like every other game, you can build and customize your cars. Tweak its performance and enhance its capability.

Several types of racing styles glorify the game even more. Along with that, there are a lot of options to make your car appear beautiful and or sexy.

An In-depth Analysis

Most of the cars are of F1 format. But don’t worry, there are tons of models if you don’t like this one.

There is a research system, which lets you unlock the car in 3 parts: Speed, Utility, and Tech. Make sure to take good care of that to survive in the competition.


More than 1 million combinations will drive you crazy. You’ll get to put your hands on over 2000 performance parts.

More stuff to heat up

Different game modes include:

  • Classic mode: race against opponents in a single-player action.
  • Time Attack: Beat the clock to show off your supremacy.
  • Multiplayer & Team modes.

More modes will be regularly added.


The tracks are no less than any roller coaster. Just like a Hot Wheels crash tracks, there are deadly roads, on which you’ll be racing in ultra-high-speed.

Perform a drift, or simply drag for miles. Take part in circuit races or sprints, it's all up to you. Chat with humans in multiplayer action.

There are still endless features!

Insanely Amazing Graphics

This game features a totally different look and feel when it comes to the graphics. It's all in 3D format, but with a unique taste.

The animations are perfect, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fast-paced action all the time. If you’re concerned about beauty, then you must know that the level of clarity is amazing.


It mainly uses a dark-theme, so might not be suitable in well-lighted environments.


Feel the astonishing car racing for free in APEX Racer APK free download. Download now!

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