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    Yostar Limited.
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    January 14, 2023

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Crucial Details about Arknights

This is a unique game that challenges you to find ways of eliminating an infectious disease taking a toll on your people. While you have a clear plan on how to achieve this objective, there are evil forces who are hell-bent on stopping you!


As such, you must engage in fierce battles to eliminate them, thus paving the way for your mission. Ensure that you acquire sophisticated weapons since the opponents will be fierce.

If you believe that you possess all the necessary skills to ward off these enemies, you shouldn’t hesitate to download Arknights for Android! Access all the features through your mobile devices regardless of your location.

An Interesting Gameplay

This game is set in a world infested by a deadly virus. You’re the only person with the necessary expertise to save your people.

Consequently, you decide to construct, Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that’ll produce the necessary products to fight the infection.

However, the gameplay will not be a walk in the park! You’re faced by severe resistance from evil forces who are determined to derail your efforts.


As such, you’ll join Amiya to recruit workers and train them on how to undertake all the operations. This requires resources, which will be limited at the initial stages of the gameplay. As such, you must always ensure that you use all treasures that you have prudently.

The future of Rhodes Island is in your hands! Will you succeed to keep off the naysayers while producing all the products required for the elimination of infectious diseases? Play the game and make crucial decisions!

Unique Features of Arknights

  • Anime-Style Game. Arknights has a combination of RPG and strategy gameplay to ensure that you enjoy optimally.
  • Multiple Operators. You’ll have more than 100 qualified operators to help you with every stage of the company’s operations.
  • An Effective Auto Deploy System. This feature enables you to multitask—concentrate on both the production process and the battle.


  • Superior Graphics and Excellent Sound Systems. This game has an incredible soundtrack voiced by Japanese actors.
  • Build a Unique Home. You’ll have the power to establish a home where you can house everyone in need of medical help. The home should be sturdy enough to withstand constant attacks from the enemies.
  • Engage in Farming. This will help you to gather more resources necessary in completing all your missions.

Arknights Mod Apk Free Download

If you want to enjoy better gameplay, you should consider downloading the latest MOD version of the game. It has come with unlimited money and unlimited resources to execute your duties.

Additionally, the version has an instant attack and kill mode, which further enhances your chances of winning the game.


Even better, you’ll enjoy continuous gameplay with the MOD version since the game lacks advertisement breaks.


Arknights is an extraordinary game that combines RPG and Strategy elements. Download its latest version and save your people from a deadly infectious disease.

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Mod features:
1. Menu mod
2. Damage multiple
3. Defense multiple
4. No card cost