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    Ball Blast

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    November 26, 2022

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A Crispy Analysis of Ball Blast

Do you love shooting games? Does blasting stuff give you immense pleasure? If yes, then you must download Ball Blast for Android.

This awesome game will give you endless enjoyment during the playtime. It is based on shooting the rocks falling from the sky to blast them all.


You will love the luring 2D graphics, which make use of attractive color combinations. If you don’t get addicted to it, you are not a true gamer.

It can run on almost any device, including most slow devices. But the performance will totally depend on the type of phone you are using.

Gameplay featuring rocks blasting

In this game, you will be given a canon to handle. All you have to do is to swipe it horizontally so that it constantly keeps shooting balls.


Meanwhile, random rocks of different sizes with some numbers written on it will start to fall from the sky. All you have to do is to aim and shoot them all. A higher number means more balls required to completely destroy it.

When you successfully demolish a rock, it will reward some coins. Use these coins to upgrade your canon so as to improve its performance.

In-depth Analysis

Rocks when reaches the ground will start to bounce. The more they hit your canon, the more damage it takes. Make sure to upgrade so that it can withstand the tough ones.


Additionally, the upgrades will let you increase its power, durability, and damage ability. That’s what you will need in later levels.

Don’t expect the game to feature a storyline or lengthy gameplay. Keep shooting until you finally get bored of it and uninstall the game.

Pretty Graphics and Colorful Visuals

Who wouldn’t love colorful combinations in the visuals? So, the developers made the interface to make use of attractive, bright, and pretty colors.


All the graphics are in 2D format, but does not at all reduce the excitement. Be assured of getting some of the prettiest and most beautiful front-end.

The animations are quite swift and fast-paced. You might even face difficulty in adjusting to the game speed. Good luck with that!

MOD APK Features

Ball Blast MOD APK free download houses several more exciting features, which you must know.

  • Available for free to download and play
  • Low download size (under 100MB)
  • Rated for ages 3+ on Google Play Store


  • Occasional updates for bug fixes available
  • Contains a lot of annoying advertisements
  • Encourages users to proceed for in-game purchases (Be wise while opting)


If you are looking for some engaging and addicting games, you can try out Ball Blast MOD APK latest version. It has the capability to even become a hobby of many players. Download now!

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