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    Boom Beach

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    November 17, 2022

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This is a game characterized by immense military activities. You’ll have the power to float on the sea and explore many islands.

Your primary mission will be to establish a sturdy military zone. However, you’ll require huge resources to achieve this which makes it relatively complicated in the beginning.


To gain enough resources for a military base, you must exploit all the resources in your newly discovered islands. Ensure that you develop smart strategies to build a safe defense tower that will guarantee security for your people.

Also, you must have a skilled military fully-equipped with sophisticated weapons to attack your enemies.

Interesting Gameplay

You’ll play the role of a builder expected to build a safe military base on an island. To achieve this, you must explore other islands to get the necessary treasures to fund your project.

While exploring, you’ll meet different enemies that will be against your advancements. In such cases, you must devise techniques to fight them. If you let them defeat you, you’ll lose the game.


Also, the enemies will have, overtime, abducted your people. As such, you’ll have the obligation to rescue them as you explore.

Building Options You Can Explore

As you build your military base, you can explore the following building options:

  •  Support. This includes improving various existing buildings
  • Economy. You’ll find buildings that will provide you with sufficient building resources
  •  Protection. This involves building defensive structures that’ll protect you from enemies’ attacks


Immediately you complete the mission and establish a sturdy base, you’ll fall into the hurricane of the hellish Apocalypse and start fighting other players.

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