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    Buddy Toss

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    January 1, 2023

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Introduction to Buddy Toss

The game is exciting and thrilling, published by CurryGames. Using realistic physical rules has made it popular among gamers. High-quality graphics will further keep you company as get rid of boredom in the game. It is designed to change your mood and approach towards games forever as you place explosives and calculate your flight path to victory.

Fascinating Gameplay

In two words, modern touch can summarize the game. When you touch the screen, the main character is tossed into the air by a dominant wrestler or dog that you have not discovered. When they fall, continue touching the screen so the dog can throw you into the air again. Keep repeating this, and the throws keep getting higher as you earn more points. It could sound silly or straightforward but you get into the user interface, and you will keep coming for more.


Fly to Space

The game defies all the laws of physics that you know, and it keeps getting better as you advance through the levels. You can be tossed as high as a 30 story building and get into space. Hence, you get a unique chance of exploring the outer universe as the simulator game makes everything appear so real. The refreshing feeling from the calm gameplay is what you need when everything seems to fall apart and get stressed.

Character Upgrading

Keep upgrading your character to ensure the next toss will be higher than the previous one. After every level, you get rewarded with a vast number of stars for character upgrading. Besides, you can purchase costumes for your character to personalize the game.



The graphics in the game mimic cartoons thanks to the bright colors. Everything is simulated to guarantee a laugh every time you engage the play button. Fly your way to endless fun with the game as the character screams on falling.

Download Buddy Toss for Android

Besides the continuous desire to conquer new heights, players face the problem of making pricy upgrades and buying skins. Accumulating enough money for all your needs in the game will be an impossible task. Hence, you will need to download the Mod version of the game to acquire unlimited everything. That gives you the freedom to make all upgrades you need and a competitive advantage when playing against your friends.


Buddy Toss Mod Apk Latest Version Features

  • Unlimited shopping
  • Endless money
  • No ads
  • Unlocked levels


Finally, we can talk of Buddy Toss Mod Apk Free Download as a simple and addictive game. You will need the game to kill boredom and experience a casual gameplay.

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