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    Citampi Stories

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    Ikan Asin Production
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    January 10, 2023

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An Analysis of Citampi Stories

Citampi Stories is a Japanese RPG simulation game that makes players feel an extension of real-life things and happenings; except they are more in control now.

The simulation involves players having to control the main character who has to work his asses off to pay his parent’s debt or else gets forced to marry some lady.


Essentially, in search of greener pastures and a well-paying job, players get around the city – and sometimes outside the city. Accordingly, players are to find a job that pays well, and send the money to the character’s parents gradually, until the debt is paid off.

However, while this may serve the main purpose of the game, or the character’s existence, it is not all there is by any means. Hence, while the player is in search of money to pay the debt in question, players can venture into other things; such as multiple paying jobs, or some other fun activities.


Also, players, while trying to follow their quest, can make friends. They can have the loyalty of their friends tested, and they can also prove their loyalty to their friends. In this regard, players can buy gifts for friends, et al.

Furthermore, players can decide to build houses and workplaces, at any point, if they have the resources.

And even better, players can fall in love and start a family. Yes, players can fall in love, go on dates, and even make elaborate weddings. Except there would be two mouths to feed now.


With the latest update, there is the baby update. This means that even after the marriage and love at first sight, players can have a baby, and try to make sure the baby lives a comfortable life.

A thrilling game it is!

Graphics and Gameplay

Citampi stories is a simulation game. However, the graphics serve a wonderful purpose for the aim of the game. Without a doubt, the game remains thrilling and interesting just with its graphics.

The gameplay is vast, just like the game. The game is a real-life simulation, and just like real life, the gameplay is typically to depend on the course of action of the player at the time.


However, as players get on with the game, the gameplay becomes more apparent.

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