Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games APK 2.4.1

  • Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games APK 2.4.1

    Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games

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    Girl Games - Cooking Games
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    January 23, 2023

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3.7 ( 69 votes)


Cooking Madness makes use of excellent 3D graphics and colorful color scheme. The game has all the graphics properties to make sure that users do not lose interest due to poor graphics and color schemes.

The game uses amazing background as well as audio clips throughout the game, again to keep the users interested in the game and play for as long as possible.

The game uses high definition 3D graphics, yet makes it playable on most of the devices with high to medium hardware configuration. However, there are some issues if the game is played on a low hardware configuration mobile device.


A perfect mate for all the cooking enthusiasts

The game is a perfect mate for all those people out there who love to cook and serve their delicious food to others.

The game is sure to improve your cooking skills and creativity as well as ideas while cooking because the entire game is focused on cooking as great as possible.

The game is set to make players prepare, cook and serve delicious meals from all over the world.

The attractive 3D graphics and colorful color schemes used in the game make it unisex ensuring that it will be loved by both male and female master chefs.


Interesting Gameplay

The game features a map and the player moves around the world. New places and destinations are unlocked as the player progresses. The aim is to get all the restaurants back to business and start gaining customers.

The player can practice their cooking skills. Time management is the key to win in this game. The game also offers several kitchen appliances that will be tried by the player in the game. The player needs to upgrade their dishes and kitchenware for a better experience.



Cooking Madness is sure for those people who are enthusiasts and mad for cooking. The game offers extreme quality 3D graphics and incredible music that will blow your mind. The gameplay is designed to keep the players engaged for a long time. The game includes several interesting features that will keep the game installed on your phone forever because you will never quit playing it. The game is designed to bring out the inner master chef in you for sure.

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