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    April 27, 2021

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A Crunchy Analysis of Dragon Brawlers

If you like action games featuring a lot of magical powerups, drama, and thrill, then you can try out this wonderful game. Simply download Dragon Brawlers for Android.

The gameplay here is based on 3v3 battles, featuring heroes who ride dragons. Along with that, the game mainly focuses on training and breeding them too.


All the graphics are designed in appealing 3D graphics, but the visuals lack a lot of quality standards. This may kill your gaming mood after some time.

You need at least a medium configuration mobile device to run this game efficiently. Along with that, it’ll also heat it up very quickly, so take care of that too.

Gameplay featuring Quick and thrilling battles

The game is set in a world, where dragons and heroes live together. You get into brawls with computer-generated enemies.

It is a third-person point of view game, and the camera is set in a top view. get started to take on your opponents in a 3v3 battle.


You’ll play the character of a hero, who rides its dragon. Be the cruelest person on the battlefield to kill the ones who come in your way.

Gameplay here is appealing, as your dragons can fire a lot of stuff such as fireballs, and other magical powers. Overall, its fun and entertaining to play.

More details to spice up

Although there is nothing much to do, but still, you can get the best. Apart from the main gameplay, here is a list of what else you can do:

  • Get engaged in a battle royale. You know, it's always fun. Become the last man standing.
  • Train your dragons and prepare them to get into the battleground.
  • A lot of collectibles for you to collect. You never know how amazingly they can help you out.


  • Create unlimited mixes of dragons and heroes.
  • Make sure to unlock all the locked stuff, because the good part is always locked in every game.
  • Not only you can fight against AI bots, but you can also get into a brawl with real human players from all over the world in an online multiplayer mode.
  • There are many other modes for you to try out.

       And the list goes on!

Satisfactory Visuals and 3D graphics

Clearly, the graphics here lack anti-aliasing, which could smoothen the edges. The color tone is pretty bright, and sometimes prickly to the eyes. You should seriously consider limiting your playtime.


When it comes to the animations, they are average, and you’ll definitely face difficulty in adjusting with the controls due to animations.

Overall, the entire game makes use of a magical and colorful theme throughout, which is capable of keeping your interest fresh.

MOD APK Features

Dragon Brawlers MOD APK latest version brings:

  • Unlimited ammo
  • One hit kill
  • Available for free
  • Countless money


Looking for a cool and interesting action game? Give Dragon Brawlers MOD APK free download a try. Download now!

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