Dragon Raja – SEA APK 1.0.219

  • Dragon Raja – SEA APK 1.0.219

    Dragon Raja – SEA

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    Archosaur Games
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    December 29, 2022

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3.4 ( 5 votes)


Dragon Raja Sea Review

Here is a progressive action game that allows you to move in the direction of war. High-quality graphics define its user interface, while the storyline gets you hooked to everything happening. The game case created a hype in the gaming corridors thanks to the unique gameplay.


Dragon Raja Sea covers the story of a girl who is warm-hearted and crush girl to may city dwellers. However, you will experience countless fighting tournaments and customize your character to get going. Exploring the fantasy world is just marveling thanks to the award-winning graphics and storyline. However, one thing that stands out in the game is the continuous thrilling fights making players to keep coming for more.

Character Customization

  • Create unique characters and dress them as you please
  • Causal and futuristic game that allows you to choose different playing arenas
  • Impossible to define personas in the game owing to their changing personality and unforeseen events
  • Innovative storyline opening you to endless exploration


  • Choose your gameplay from dozens of modes and a unique career system
  • You will be in full control of your destiny in the game as every action you take influences your future
  • Hidden secrets and possibilities for you to uncover

Realistic and Fierce Real-Time Combat

  • Players are assured of an electrifying action
  • Testing your fighting skills with hundreds of players or engage clubs matches for honor and glory
  • It features lots of unique bosses and finding solution to riddles that make the gameplay refreshing every time you fight.


Download Dragon Raja Sea for Android

You will eventually get bored taking challenges in the standard version of the game, as you will be required to make pricy upgrades. For instance, playing higher levels in the game will require you to unlock more skills and features that need coins. To solve the problem, download the version of the game and experience no downtime. The result is a continuous action, as you will never be limited by the lack of coins or lagging performance.

Dragon Raja Sea Apk Latest Version Top Features

  • Endless Coins
  • Bugs fixed
  • Enhanced performance and optimize graphics



Finally, Download Dragon Raja Sea for Android and solve your desire of an addictive and combative game. You get unlimited everything in the game, allowing you to challenge every opponent thanks to upgraded skills. Lastly, you can invite your friends for group tournaments, and customize your fierce girl for continuous fights.

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