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    January 16, 2023

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Draw Joust Precise Review

VOODOO is a famous game publisher and just released an exciting game considered to be the second part of Draw Climber. It shows you how an artist reacts when engaged in combat. First, you will be required to design a vehicle quickly and make it perfect with your finger. Holding your finger on the screen is all you need, and you have limited ink and a single stroke to get it right.


Precision in making your drawing will be essential, but you can always touch the trash button if you feel dissatisfied with your vehicle and redraw. When your truck is ready, choose a fight and get started by facing another warrior. Swiping on the screen to control your vehicle is critical as you move forward attacking your opponents. Getting stabbed, falling from your car, slashed by the sword are some of the many ways of dying in the game.

Key Features

Weapons – Your arms are an essential factor in winning missions. They will affect your tactics in war and determine your progress. Hence, you will always need to check for weapons that match your opponents or get crushed in the first few steps you make. For instance, if your enemy uses a hammer, counter with a shield if you do not want your vehicle getting smashed into pieces.


Upgrading – Ink strokes get more comfortable when you make your initial attacks. However, in some higher levels, you will need to be wittier by attacking your opponents' car layers so you can get to them. You will need to make wise upgrades to make your arms more reliable and quickly destroy your enemies' vehicle with ease.

Stunning graphics – Stylish 2D graphics will greet you in the game. However, they are designed to give a realistic experience. For instance, your brush strokes appear like spring and will always expand when you move. As a result, you get excellent coordination of game dynamics and stunning picture quality to keep you playing.

Download Draw Joust Mod Apk

Solve all your upgrading problems due to lack of enough coins with the new Mod version of the game. Get the Apk Version designed to offer players endless action thanks to unlocked levels and infinite coins for upgrading.


Mod features:

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. No ads


Finally, engage in the endless and unique game by getting Draw Joust Mod Apk Free Download into your phone. Though the gameplay is considered simple, it is addictive and exciting to arouse your creativity. Your painting skill is needed here to get through the levels. Also, remember to invite your friends to the game.

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