Episode – Choose Your Story APK 23.62

  • Episode – Choose Your Story APK 23.62

    Episode – Choose Your Story

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    Episode Interactive
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    January 16, 2023

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A Smoking Hot Analysis of Episode – Choose Your Story

If you love romance, love, drama, and choice-based games, then without wasting any time, download Episode Choose Your Story for Android.

This wonderful game is loaded with everything that is needed to make a spicy hot love story. You won't forget this game ever in your life.


All the graphics are 2D drawings, and does not include any sign of 3D content. But still, the front-end is no less entertaining.

There is a strong requirement of at least a medium configuration mobile device for this game to work efficiently. Please don’t try to make it through any low-end phones, because that’s not going to end well.

Dramatic Love Stories for you to become a part of

What could be better than jumping into any love story to become its lead and center of attraction? In this game, you’ll be playing the role of the heroine.

This is a third-person point of view game, where you’ll take control of her life, make decisions for her, and lead her to a beautiful or ugly ending. It all depends on you.


Along with that, the results of your decisions will always blow your mind. You won't feel less excited anytime throughout the gameplay.

Rest be assured, all the stories are full of romantic drama, love, and of course everything that you might be thinking.

More stuff to heat up

You’ll get started by customizing your girl. Decide how she appears. From dresses and outfits to hair and style, finalize everything.

Then choose a story and get started with it. Go through the stories well, take decisions when prompted, see the outcomes, and enjoy!


There are tons of hot stories for you to discover. Each has its own set of characters, storylines, and ending.

Along with that, new stories get added to the game every week. So if you think you’ve completed the game, then you’re totally wrong.

Beautiful 2D front-end and characters

You’ll be delighted to know that even though everything in the game is designed in 2D format, yet, all the front-end and the visuals are highly appealing.

Try not to fall in love with your in-game girl character. Other than that, even the girls are challenged not to fall in love with the dudes designed in the game.


Animations here don’t play any important role. But the color tone is pretty fair and satisfactory.


Want to get tempted with the luring hot and steamy choice-based stories? Try Choices Choose Your Story APK free download. Download now!

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