Flick Chess APK Mod 1.6.2

  • Flick Chess APK Mod 1.6.2

    Flick Chess

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    Supersonic Studios LTD
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    October 24, 2022

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Flick Chess Review

Playing chess is an age-old practice known to kill boredom and stimulate intense thinking. You will not just flick the stones and get your way around, as you require strategy in every toss. Prior experience in chess play will not be necessary but you will need to be vigilant and enthusiastic or keep losing to your opponents.



It is a casual game that requires you to be keen on every flick, or you will lose consistently and get bored. Hence, you will need to take time and observe the first few attempts to get ahead of your opponent. Failure to understand the art of flicking the stones will be guaranteed failure. However, when you know your way around, raising through the levels will be an easy task.

Besides, you need to play continually and accumulate lots of coins to upgrade and customize the stones. The game offers players an opportunity to change the color of rocks and customize other features to ensure you have a personalized feeling. This will not come easy, and you need to be skillful to complete all your missions within the stipulated time and beat all your opponents.


Stunning graphics and a friendly user interface keep you addicted to the game as you think through solutions guarding the king.

Download Flick Chess for Android

Get the Mod version of the Chess game into your android device for countless moments of fun and intense thinking. The new APK game comes with unlimited coins to facilitate all your upgrading and customizing.


Downloading the Mod game allows you to concentrate on endless flicking of the stones as coins for your upgrading are sorted. Getting a competitive advantage over your opponents earns you more wins as you have everything at your table to choose from. Graphics and performance are optimized in the new game to get you into beast mode as you conquer all missions and emerge as the flick king.

Flick Chess Mod Apk Latest Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Endless coins
  • All levels unlocked
  • No ads
  • Infinite customizing
  • New levels added
  • Optimized graphics and performance



Finally, enjoy the benefits of Flick Chess Mod Apk Free Download by immersing yourself in endless mode and crush your opponent’s stones. Guard the king continually with every resource available in the king to avoid embarrassing losses. Besides, invite your friends to the game and beat them in all the missions as you have a competitive advantage over everyone.

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