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    January 10, 2022

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Hero Factory Review

Here is a unique fighting game where you play the role of a super talented scientist named Uka and save the world. Aliens who seek to cause mayhem to invade the world, everyone seems to have surrendered all authority to them, but not everyone agrees with what is happening. Among the dissenting voices is Wook, who owns a laboratory and has created a collection of robots. Use them to gradually take over the city and create a new generation of superheroes, and eventually get the city clean.

Collect a Squad of Heroes

The game is bright and very addictive, as defeating one wave of aliens arouses a desire to fight more. Endless battles translate to exciting adventures. However, you need to get an army of heroes to help you bring down the monsters who will stop at nothing before destroying the whole universe. Thus, you will need to gain control of the factory, producing heroes to bring an end to the onslaught of the wicked creatures.

Endless Battles

In the beginning, you will have a single set of heroes available for the fights. However, as you advance, more heroes are unlocked, offering you diverse and entertaining wars. Besides, you need to accumulate more gold to help unlock more weapons and heroes for epics battles.

Pump all your strength in fighting the enemies to bring down every surviving enemy or be crushed. You can enhance the speed of production to guarantee endless fights and get rid of all the boss monsters. Over time, you get to open workshops for more heroes as the evil monsters keep getting stronger.


  • Diverse heroes ( gunners, axemen, mages, lancers, swordsmen, and archers)
  • Empowering the heroes to crush enemies with ease
  • Exciting adventure as you fight to save the world
  • Choosing your skills strategically

Download Hero Factory for Android

Winning in the game will not come easy, as you need to make pricy upgrades and to unlock. Enemies will keep coming, and you need to invent a better way to end the invasion. Producing more heroes is the apparent solution to the problem, but the lack of enough gold will limit you. If you get the Mod version of the game, your issues are sorted as you access endless gold to make all the changes you need.


Finally, Hero Factory Mod Apk Free Download will be your best companion in killing boredom thanks to the addictive gameplay. Immerse yourself in the combative gameplay and recommend the Mod version to all your friends for better group play.

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Mod Feature:

  • Mana is not wasted
  • Level up quickly: Click the round button at the top left to open the mod menu