Hunter Assassin APK Mod 1.76.0

  • Hunter Assassin APK Mod 1.76.0

    Hunter Assassin

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    Ruby Game Studio
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    December 4, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Hunter Assassin

This is a unique game with exceptionally fast-paced challenges. How fast can you hunt and exterminate your targets? Download Hunter Assassin for Android and test your hunting skills.


The game has simple gameplay with minimal distractions. This helps you to concentrate on the gameplay as you hunt your targets to earn points.

An Enjoyable Gameplay

Hunter Assassin is your ideal game if you like simple puzzle-based games. When you join the game, you’ll be required to select an assassin. Ensure that you control him expertly to hide from your targets and only attack them when they least expect it.


Additionally, you’ll be required to study your environment well. This will enable you to use your surroundings and shadows for hiding purpose.

Always remember that your targets have powerful flashlights that can ease an ambush by your enemies. As such, hiding from the flashlights using the surrounding obstacles will always protect you from attacks.

To achieve success in this game, you must be agile and accurate in your attacks. Ensure that you kill your targets before they attack you.


The more adversaries you eliminate, the more treasures you get. Progressively, you’ll have enough resources to unlock better gaming features, thus making the gameplay thrilling.

Unique Features of Hunter Assassin

  • Highly Equipped Targets. All your adversaries will have automatic machine guns. They will be all over the game map looking for you! If you’re not careful, they’ll exterminate you fast. In such a case, you’ll be required to start the game all over again, which can be frustrating.
  • Attack Multiple Targets. Fortunately, this game gives you a chance to attack more targets at once. As such, your chances of quickly upgrading to higher and better levels are significantly heightened.


  • Many Gaming Levels. Hunter Assassin has more than 1000 levels to explore. Each of the levels has unique features and exceptional challenges for guaranteed fun.
  • Collect Valuable Gems. When you eliminate targets, they’ll drop gems. You can later use these treasures to unlock better and quicker assassins.

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Free Download

If you want to experience more improved gameplay, you should consider downloading the latest modded version of Hunter Assassin. This enhanced version has an incredibly easy-to-use user interface and improved controls.


Other MOD Features include:

  • Unlimited Crystals: Endless
  • All characters are open


If you’d love a simple game that requires high precision and judgment ability, then you should get the latest version of Hunter Assassin. Enjoy its super cool graphics and realistic sound systems!

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