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    January 26, 2023

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In Knighthood, you play as a Rage Knight and you have to fight against monsters in a heroic battle, and explore this epic fantasy world of Astellan and gain fame as a legendary Rage Knight.

At the start of the game, you will introduce yourself. The game has a pretty decent amount of customization for a mobile game, you can change your gender, skin tone, hair color, and well, your hair and facial hair too.

You will be trained by Sir Drakeson on how to fight in this fantasy world. By tapping the screen, you will do an attack, and this consumes one action point. Doing a consecutive account will deal more damage to the enemy.


However, it is just not a simple tapping game, there are other aspects of gameplay in combat, such as using your gauntlet, and punching the enemy. Punching the enemy would increase your rage and doing it last in the combo will fill it much faster. Once you do, do an ultimate attack with one of your Ancient Heroes.

Speaking of the gauntlet, it is a staple for the Rage Knights as they can summon Ancient Heroes and boost up themselves with the gauntlet. Also, you will be able to use the Ancient Heroes that you can summon just by attacking as it fills up their bar with every attack.

Ancient Heroes, Equipment, and Other Features

Knighthood is packed with features. It has been mentioned that there are Ancient Heroes, and they can be summoned with the gauntlet. There are several heroes in the game, each has its own skills. Usually, there are monsters they are pretty strong against such as Grimm against the Goblins.

As for the equipment, you can equip weapons, headgear, shoulder pads, cape, helmet, etc. It is actually pretty extensive, and all of those are needed since they increase your health and armor. Each of them can be leveled up, given that you have the materials needed to do so. You can change weapons depending on the enemy, and it is a must if you want to get three stars on the hunt.

[Text Wrapping Break]There are several features in the game such as Hunting, creating or joining a guild, and more. I think it is best to explore them on your own.


Outstanding Visuals and Soundtrack

This game is really high quality. The visuals are cartoonish, but fighting enemies has never been so epic before. The animation is smooth, and overall, it is satisfying to play the game just for its visuals. It is also amazing how you can actually see your knight’s equipment, and the ever-changing weather in the game and these just made the game more immersive.

How about the Soundtrack? It is amazing, nonetheless, as you can hear epic chill fantasy music in the main menu, while an epic exhilarating fantasy music when you are in battle. The audio clips, on the other hand, are pretty good too.

Why get the modded version?

By downloading Knighthood Mod APK, you do not have to grind as much as you can utilize unlimited money. It means you can open unlimited gold chests until you manage to acquire epic items for your Knight.

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