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    January 24, 2023

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When humans and beasts both exist in a game’s world, it could only mean one thing: an intense and epic battle journey. Last Cloudia falls nothing short of the expected action and thrill in its battles.

The game is set in the fictional world of Granzelia. Here, humans and beasts live together in harmony. In fact, the world has been in peace for a long time after the war instigated by the God of Ruin. Until one day, the 12th Division of the Knight Brigade was summoned to rescue a young lady.


The main protagonist of the game is a young, fiery knight named Kyle. Alongside him is his beast partner names Rei. They board a fleet of the Empire and from then on, their adventure begins.


Last Cloudia is a role-playing game geared up for intense fights. Get to play different characters in the game. Your decisions will create an impact to this world so make sure to strategize well. Unravel the mystery in the story as you advance in the levels. Each character offers a unique personality that makes the experience more interesting.


Gain experience in the battles and customize your stats and skills. Upgrade your favorite characters to your preference. Brace yourself for the fast-paced fights that are sure to awaken your competitiveness.


  • Real-time PvP battles
  • Build your powerhouse team
  • Unique character growth system
  • Amazing 3D environment

High-Resolution Graphics

Cinematic visuals and musical scoring place Last Cloudia in the high tier of mobile games. It presents crisp and high-resolution graphics that match the intense nature of the game. It is rich in vibrant colors that add to the visual delight while playing.


The game features a lot of interesting and gorgeous characters that look like the ones in anime series. A lot of effort is also put in the details of the outfits and armors. The game environment takes you to various dimensions making the experience more exciting. What’s more, the voiceovers of the characters add hype to the battles.

Available on Android

Last Cloudia is gaining momentum among mobile players with over 100 thousand downloads for its latest update. This thrilling RPG is created by AIDIS. Critics have noted its similarities with another hit game, Final Fantasy. It continues to gather positive reviews from players all over the world.


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