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    Life Simulator 2

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    June 4, 2022

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We all know life is really hard. We work to earn, rest to reset our bodies, and eat so we have the strength to do work. Life Simulator 2 tackles these things as a clicker game in a pretty realistic way, although, quite exaggerated.

At the start of the game, you have to create your character. It is pretty straightforward, you choose an avatar and choose your name. You can also select the language if you prefer to change it.


You start as a beggar with a couple of hundreds in your pocket. You can upgrade your skills right away, or save it since you do not need it yet. Note that there are three types of stats that you need to monitor here - energy, hungriness, and fun. Energy makes you hungry, eating requires cash, and you need plenty of energy to have fun. All of these are interconnected, which is why you have to balance everything out.

By working or learning new skills, you gain experience, and once you reach a specific experience point, you will level up. This will give you an opportunity to do another job, but new jobs usually need better skills. Additionally, you will be able to get more hobbies that will give you more fun in the process.

Skills, Home, and Building up Companies

Skills in Life Simulator 2 are pre-requisites for the new jobs you will be getting every time you level up. They also cost money to learn, so it may take a while before you can actually work on the new job opportunity.

There are also upgrades to your stats in a form of Home upgrades. Your house and vehicle will increase the maximum of your stats by a huge amount. Later on, if you have a lot of money, you can buy several robot collectibles and even decorate your home with different furniture.

Once you reach millions, you can now buy your own company and name it. You can buy product stocks for your company, then sell it at a much higher price. However, you may have to watch an ad or use your bitcoins, whichever you prefer.


Cartoonish Clicker Visuals

The graphics of this game may not wow you, but for a clicker game to give you some stress-reliever, it did a fine job to look very consistent in all aspects of the game. It is colorful, cartoonish, and does not look bland.

As for its audio, it is really chill and is not irritating to listen even if you are playing for quite some time.


Why Play with the Modded Version?

By downloading Life Simulator 2 v1.5 MOD APK - you can get unlimited money as it increases your wealth instead of decreasing when you pay for skills, foods, and even your upgrades on your home.

Be careful of spending anything on your phone though, as they still decrease your money.

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