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    Mafia City

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    January 21, 2023

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Mafia City is a mobile game published by Yotta Games. This game provides you with an opportunity to become a mafia lord of the virtual city. In this game, you have to make smart moves like the real mafia to compete with your rivals. A quote well said in this game is, " if you can't kill them today, they're gonna kill you tomorrow."

The real story behind this game is about a protagonist who chooses to become a gangster, as a player, you have to continue perplexed but a luxurious life of a gangster. By completing daily tasks, you are striving to become lord of the city.


Apart from overcoming the dangers of mafia life, you will get a chance to date beautiful girls, in the game. A sexy secretary will always assist you before making any move.

Talking about the gameplay, you will get an aerial view of the city, which consists of beaches, residential areas, parks, and all. Every constituent of the gaming world is well animated and displayed in high quality.

The game is not a moving game where you have to control actions or gunfire. Only touching is enough in this game. It is mainly a strategy game, where you will be only monitoring the events from the top chair. Mafia City Apk provides you an opportunity to earn unlimited awards that you can use around the game.


Unlimited money that can be earned in the game can be used for buying cars, bikes, building infra, etc. For always defeating your enemies, you will have to use wit and think one step ahead to them. Like for fighting any turf war, you need weapons and guys. For them, you need money; hence you have to make smart investments to earn a good bunch of money.

You can invest in building casinos, strip clubs, bars, etc. Once you defeat other gangs of the city in a turf war, which you will have to fight, you will be called Godfather of the city. To become a Godfather, you have to do smart tie-ups with existing gangsters and own four types of vital ingredients which are, Bulkers, shooters, Bikers, and Modified vehicles. Each ingredient serves its particular purpose and plays a mandatory role in turf wars. Bulkers are trained human resources, who can fight bare fist and rest three has the same utility as their names.

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