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    November 21, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know about Prison Empire Tycoon

This is a simulation game that challenges you to establish a prison and manage it accordingly. Your goal will be to transform it into one of the most reputable institutions world over.

While at it, you must ensure that you reform as many prisoners as you can. Ensure that every individual that passes through your prison is transformed for the better.

The more prisoners you handle, the more money you earn! As such, you must upgrade the facilities at your prison consistently to accommodate more prisoners. This way, you can be certain that you’ll become a prison tycoon fast!

If you believe that you have all the management skills required to manage a prison, then download Prison Empire Tycoon for Android. Undertake all the transformational activities at the comfort of your house.

An Engaging Gameplay

When you join this game, you’ll be required to start a small low-security prison and grow it progressively. Ensure that you beat all the odds—including a shortage of resources—to transform your prison into a hub for transforming prisoners.

As your prison grows, you’ll get the power to hold dangerous criminals. As such, you must consistently upgrade your security mechanisms to achieve maximum-security status.

Other activities that’ll aid your progression to the top include:

Meet All the Basic Needs for Your Prisoners. Always ensure that you have adequate yards, entertainment facilities, beds, bookshelves, gaming facilities, and food!

Manage Your Staff. If you want to grow your prison, you should employ staff! Ensure that you only recruit qualified staff that’ll help you undertake your daily activities competently. Some of the staffs that you must have include kitchen personnel, janitors, office workers, and doctors.

Invest in Quality Items. When upgrading your prison, you should only purchase topnotch materials that’ll serve you for long. You should have visiting rooms, canteens, prison yards, showers, among other facilities that’ll make the lives of your prisoners better.

Invest in Security. Always ensure that you prevent your prisoners from rioting and fighting. This way, you’ll maintain your reputation.

Rehabilitate Your Prisoners. Always ensure that your prisoners are equipped with unique skills. This way, you’ll earn the government’s trust which will result in more business.

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk Free Download

This modded version of the game has exemplary features that’ll make gaming fun! It has easy controls and an incredibly simple user interface. Other outstanding features include:

  • Unlimited Money (increase when spent)


Prison Empire Tycoon is a unique simulation game that challenges you to establish a maximum-security prison from scratch.

It challenges you to hold dangerous criminals and rehabilitate them to become better people in society. Achieve this assignment and earn enormous treasures.

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