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    January 26, 2023

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Psiphon Review

If you desire freedom of surfing the internet, you need to download the app into your device as it is designed to deliver a seamless experience. Have you visited a country, and you could not access some sites owing to its policies and restrictions? This is the app you need to get on your device to unblock such restrictions.


How Does It Work?

The app is a simple VPN installed in a web browser. It is instrumental if you want to access any site without having to get permission from anyone. If you encounter a country where social media restrictions exist, then this the app you need when contacting your friends.


Besides, you will find some websites having restricted access in a given area. The app helps you in bypassing such restrictions. It is quite useful in such scenarios, and you do not need to pay a penny for any services. Besides, some sites will include internal regional restrictions, and if your IP is not listed in their servers, then you are denied access. To get rid of such discomforts, you log in to such sites using the VPN by choosing a location and Boom! You are connected.

How To use Psiphon

The app was released in 2004 and grew in popularity thanks to its reliability. Besides,

Ease of Use – when you log in to the app, you will find a red P button, you should press it, and wait for it to turn grey indicating connection is ready. When it turns blue, it opens its browser, and you can access any site you desire without restrictions.


Tunnel Entire Device – Once the app is connected, your whole device is synced to your desired location. The result is flawless browsing and access to all sites you desire without restrictions.

Download Psiphon Pro Mod Apk Latest Version

You will need the Mod version of the app to get hold of all premium features and servers in the app. Here you have absolute freedom to access every app and optimized performance.


Mod Features:

  1. Subscription unlocked/Unlimited speed bandwidth
  2. Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  3. Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
  4. PsiCash Tab removed
  5. Forced open browser after established connection disabled
  6. Changed main bar to dark color
  7. Analytics/Crashlytics disabled
  8. AOSP compatible


Finally, Download Psiphon Pro for Android for unlimited and private surfing. With the app, you get to access or blocked sites and discover more information that you could not get without the Mod version. However, the app comes with internal checks to prevent illegal actions, and you get added protection when using the app without any detection.

Download From Google Play

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