SAKURA School Simulator APK Mod 1.039.92

  • SAKURA School Simulator APK Mod 1.039.92

    SAKURA School Simulator

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    Garusoft Development Inc.
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    December 2, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know about Sakura School Simulator

This is a school simulation game that takes you back to your high school days. However, it has inculcated different other aspects to eliminate the seriousness associated with a school. It has fun-filled scenes that’ll undoubtedly keep you glued to your screen for long.


The game was developed by Garusoft Development Inc. Since its release, it has received more than 5 million downloads in the Google Play. This popularity can be attributed to its eccentric gameplay and superb graphics.

Dynamic Gameplay

This game offers two different methods that you can use to enjoy the gameplay. They include:

  • Become a Sociable Student. If you choose this route, you’ll be required to interact with many students and make many friends. Additionally, you should ensure that you acquire a superb love life by establishing a relationship with your favourite crushes.
  • Become a Stubborn Student. In this case, you’ll go on a rampage and wreak havoc in the school. Ensure that you get everybody unawares with your quirky behaviour. Additionally, you can obtain weapons from YAKUZA office to help you accomplish all your missions.


In this simulator game, you’ll be required to devise ways to defeat your opponents. You can use diplomatic approaches or use weapons! The choice is yours.

However, you should always remember that every action that you undertake will have consequences. You can either get a punishment or a reward for your actions!

Unique Features of the Game

  • Use 4 Characters in the Gameplay. If you’re tired with controlling one character, you’ll be at liberty to control up to 4 unique characters. However, only 2 of the characters are unlocked from the beginning. As such, you’ll be required to earn treasures and watch ads to unlock the other two and make the gameplay exciting.
  • Easy Customization. This game allows you to customize your character and achieve hilarious poses. This offers a great chance to personalize the gameplay, thus ensuring that you fully immerse into every minute of the game.


  • Topnotch Graphics. This animation game has 3D anime graphics. All the elements of the game appear real and you can interact with them until you tire.
  • Death-Free Gameplay. This feature guarantees endless gameplay. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit your opponent, they will never die! Instead, they will wake up the following day to continue from where they stopped—albeit with anger.

Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk Free Download

If you love school simulation games, then you should download the latest modded version of the game. The modified game has superior graphics and ad-free gameplay, which guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience.


Additionally, you’ll have access to unlimited premium features. This way, you can manipulate your characters as much as you’d like to achieve your desired results.


Sakura School Simulator is an exceptional game with superior 3D graphics and exceptional gameplay. Get it today and enjoy every minute as you remind yourself of your high school life while having fun at the same time!

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Mod features:

  • Unlock all skins