Stickman Party APK Mod 2.3.5

  • Stickman Party APK Mod 2.3.5

    Stickman Party

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    Playmax Game Studio
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    December 30, 2022

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Stickman Party is a set of single-player and multiplayer games. 1 2 3 or even four players can play this game on the same device. Playing a game on the same device with your squad is always a lot of fun. You don’t need an internet connection because this game is for the local multiplayer.

The rules are simple and the updated collection of puzzles, techniques, and arcades makes it perfect for one, two or more players. The opportunity to compete with mates on your smart device is the main feature of the Stickman Party. This game offers a friendly trial experience in which the winner of the game remains unknown until the end. Stickman Party is a collection of various games and you can play with others by using a direct link on the same touch screen. The virtual joystick positioning directly depends on your selected game and the total number of players. Each player controls a Stickman character, which is recognized by unique color. The built-in games are highly competitive and ideal for a friendly gathering or fun period.


The game draws players with its captivating and lively image of Stickman. The gestures of Stickman are very expressive and animated and the players can feel anticipation and enthusiasm throughout the game. The game provides players a feeling of satisfaction and is absolutely delightful with color intensity and contrast which are incredibly balanced and adjusted by designers. The recommended age for playing Stickman Party is 3+ years. The fun increases while playing this game with your friends, but in case no one is around to play, you can also play alone for a single player. Playing alone will help you train your skills for the upcoming victories.

One-touch operation and one-click feature make this game among the top-rated games. There are more than 20 games to play with your friends and family. All the games are a different situation, a different world rule, and also have their very own entertainment value. The game combines fun but equally challenging minigames, which require players to make a great deal of effort to win.


Stickman MOD apk

The virtual currency of Stickman Party is Gems and you get unlimited money after installing this mod. You can purchase the assets of this game with unlimited gems which can enhance your overall gaming experience.

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  • Unlimited Money