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    November 12, 2020

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This is a game that’s characterized by sadness as a young family struggles to clear debts left behind by the father. By the time of the demise, the man owed city mafia huge debts that must be cleared by whatever means lest they provoke the criminal’s wrath.


To achieve this, the family will engage in different activities to get resources to clear the debts.

Also, they’ll be engaged in intensive gym sessions just to prepare for any eventualities.

An Interesting Storyline

The Summertime Saga involves a young family living in a small town. The family was struck by the death of their breadwinner—the father. His son had just completed his high school studies and was preparing to enroll in college.

However, the abrupt death of his father disrupted his dreams. Worse still, he learned that his father’s death was linked to a group of criminals in the city.

The family owed these criminals huge debts which led to the elimination of the father. Unfortunately, the son now becomes the custodian of the debts and must work towards clearing it.

Alluring Gameplay

You’re required to complete various minigames to strengthen your statistics (skill, charisma, strength, and intelligence).


The more you win in these games, the more your ability to resolving the debt saga increases. Some of the minigames that you can engage in include:

  •  Push-ups
  •  Dexter fight
  •  Weightlifting
  •  Milking
  •  Spin the bottle
  •  Strip poker

Impressive Graphics

This game boasts of unmatched 3-D graphics and incredibly immersive music systems. Whenever you engage in the game, you’ll enjoy incredible simulation that will leave you at pains to differentiate it from the real world.

Some graphics are, however, unsuitable for children under 18 years.

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