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    Traffic Tour

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    Wolves Interactive
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    January 10, 2023

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Traffic Tour Mod Apk is a free racing game, which you can play on your mobile or tablet. Wolves Interactive publishes this game. The game is ranked among the top free racing games for Android.

In this detailed article, we will try to touch every aspect of the game. At the end of this article, you will have an excellent idea about this engaging game. So let's start with the basics of Game.

As the name itself reflects Traffic Tour. Yes, it is a racing game, but instead of a specific racing arena, you will be driving in traffic. There are five kinds of landscapes which you can select. Among racing, this game is also a real car driving simulator.


You can choose to view any of the perspectives like FPP, TPP, driving camera, etc. In FPP mode, you will get a view of traffic from the driver's seat, whereas, in TPP, you will see your car moving in traffic like an aerial view.

We are talking about a car racing game, so it becomes rational to speak of their controls. In controls, four buttons are given on the screen. Three are given in LHS, whereas only one is on RHS.

Button, given on the right hand, is for controlling the acceleration of the car. Buttons provided on the left side are for breaking, horn, and shifting view. For controlling the direction of the vehicle, a gyro sensor is used.


The car will be running on a straight highway with other vehicles, so there is no need to turn left-right. The gyro sensor is only used for shifting lanes on the road.

By completing out of 100 missions, you can earn unlimited money. There are several forms of tasks; once you will dive in-game, you will get to know. Among these missions, you can also choose to do live racing with online players. You can also invite your friends for racing.

The point will be awarded for many things, like completing any race on time or overtaking a certain number of vehicles at a specific time or after winning in any racing. You can use them for buying supercars and upgrading your gear. During the race, collision with any vehicle can finish your game, so concentration is vital for this game. Download and dive into the world of Traffic Tour Mod Apk for accessing unlimited entertainment and thrill.

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Mod Features:

  • Unlock all cars