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  • Used Car Dealer Tycoon APK 1.9.924

    Used Car Dealer Tycoon

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    January 9, 2023

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A Crispy Analysis of Used Car Dealer Tycoon

If you are into tycoon games, or money earning games, then you should download Used Car Dealer for Android.

The gameplay perfectly suits players, who are very crazy about games where money earning is the main goal. Not only you get to run your business here, but you are also supposed to expand to become a tycoon.


Although the graphics are all in 2D format, the touch and feel is totally awesome and unique. Not every 2D game has such a wonderful look and feel.

You can easily run this game beautifully on a medium configuration mobile device. Also, make sure to give your hardware some rest after an hour of gameplay.

Tycoon game based on dealing with used cars

You will play the character of a man who starts a used car business. Your final objective is to earn a hefty amount of money, create your monopoly in the market, and raise your little business to a tycoon level.

To achieve your goals, you will need to deal with used cars. Go out (in-game) and search for sweet deals. Buy cars from the owners, work on them, and sell them for a good price.


Negotiation skills, strategy, and general knowledge is the key to success in this game. If you don’t have such qualities already, you will develop them automatically.

How to make it through such tough competition?

If you are worried about the procedure to play the game, sit back and relax. Here is a complete process and tips:

  • You will constantly need to manage your inventory by piling up sufficient stock of used cars. Acquire them from the owners.
  • Next, you will need to hire some staff such as assistants and salespersons, who will take care of customer relationship management. Let then handle the talking stuff to the clients.


  • But for this, you will need to train them, or else they will destroy everything.
  • Calculate a “Bottom Dollar” for each of your cars. You already know well about this.
  • As you progress, new car models will be unlocked, which will let you earn even more money.

Fantastic 2D graphics and superb visuals

When talking about the color tone, it's pretty fair, somewhat bright, and cool at different points. You will definitely love the overall front-end.

The drawings and color combinations will totally adore you. You should really take some time to appreciate the visuals.


Even the animations are pretty smooth, but that doesn’t play much important role here.


All those money bothering players out there, make sure to try Used Car Dealer APK latest version under the tycoon games category. Download now!

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