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    January 23, 2023

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Get ready for complex strategic tricks, ambushes as well as the many crafty techniques of war. War Robots is an action-packed game with 6 vs.6 squad wars in real-time. You have to demolish invader robots, seize and redesign your arms to enhance your resilience, timing, and performance. There are several maps, and you need unique strategies to survive and win against the competitor.

Once you join a war, it can be said that everything will be recreated specifically on your own device to explore the world. Through 3D visuals, the game holds together an expansive world with huge ability. The intensity of this battle is going to be full of action that is already fixed. There will be a war among Mecha Robots in a squad confrontation organization that is 6v6.


You can get on the battleground by clicking on “Start a fight” and begin the immense action. War Robots is lightning fast, highly optimized, and works smoothly even on slightly powerful android devices, so there are no freezes or lags in the game. The 3D visuals of the game provide an amazing and seamless gaming experience.

Install the weapons on your combat vehicle and explore the area by moving around the map. Rocket launcher and machine gun can be installed on your combat vehicles. If you want to be the winner on the battlefield, keep upgrading the weapons and armor. After winning the battles, you will get coins and virtual money which can be used for upgrading or purchasing new items. You must have an internet connection and an android device for this game. Excellent concept, dramatic music and visual effects create an amazing atmosphere while shooting the Autonomous intelligent robots.

The fight will take place at different places and your main objective is to survive and destroy the enemies at any cost. Players cannot select the battle, cards and battle zone. As soon as you start the game, you will fall into a random and different battle. This feature makes this game more interesting as you will be completely uncertain of the battles.


War Robots MOD apk

Install War Robots MOD apk to get unlimited money and gold. Use this money to upgrade the robots or unlock the new robots. You can also unlock different weapons, which will help you win the war against competitors. There are more than 48 battle robots with unique tactics and strategies for each battle. With over 50 kinds of weapons, you can make different possible combinations of weapons and robots. There are energy and plasma guns with ballistic missiles, and you can also make a war machine for your gaming style.

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Mod Features:

  1. Inactive Bots
  2. Works up to level 8!