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    August 1, 2020

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X-Ray Description

Here is a game where you enjoy sterling technology on your device, playing to mine for what is hidden. See-through the world thanks to X-Ray technology and find anything your desire to see. The simulation game is best suited for all types of persons, as their addiction is irresistible. You do not nor require specialized training to get along with the game, but the first attempt gets you going.



The game rotates about finding hidden blocks. Simple control and plot that gets difficult progressively are on offer for you. Here you get to play for fun and experience reality from the comfort of your device. For every level you complete, points are added to your account which you use for making upgrades.

Play to detect all types of objects hidden from the naked eye by using sophisticated systems to scan. Gold, diamonds, iron ores, lapis lazuli, and other purposes will be open for you to see. Playing the game is not a complicated process but requires observation and pressing a few buttons.


When you install the app into your device, you will notice a button on the lower side of the screen. Fascinating graphics offer your precious company as you scan through everything that comes your way. Just select on what you want to scan and search through different services for it. Besides, you play the game in different environments from airports to tunnels looking for hidden gems.


Become a stunning customs officer when checking luggage for people as and have them cleared for travel. When checking for items buried, you become sniffer officer and accumulate more points for your successful mission. Thus, you are not likely to have a dull moment with the game as you want to unlock new features and play more prominent roles.


You are tired of sad news about illegal business thriving in the airport. Get your hands busy and play a fantastic detection game for fun and realistic experience. Check for colour, weight, and content of all suitcases passing through your desk and leaving nothing to chance. Besides, you get to customize everything in the game with your accumulated points.

Download X-Ray for Android

Detect your through the levels without having to encounter a lack of coins as an obstacle to your progress. Scan for fun and get the Mod version of the game to unlock all the resources you need in the game.


X-Ray Mod Apk Latest Version Features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Endless customization
  • Everything unlocked
  • Optimized performance


Finally, play X-Ray Mod Apk Free Download for fun and gain practical experience. Also, invite your peers for unlimited fun scanning objects.

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